2010. február 27., szombat

15th Aswan International Symposium -Sculptures 2010

The 15th International Symposium in Aswan finished.

Thanks for all the memories and nice time for all the people! Hope to return again!

Sculptures in 2010

Michel Sporgis – Canada

Nicolae Fleissig – France

Roland Mayer – Germany

Jhon Gogaberishvili – Georgia

Ahmed Abd El-Fattah – Egypt

Amir El-Lithy - Egypt
Akram El–Magdoub – Egypt

Workshop Participants:

Mohamed Abbas – Egypt
Hany El-Sayed – Egypt http://www.hanyelsayed.webs.com
Mohamed El-Labban – Egypthttp://warm-feeling-grave.spaces.live.com/
Zeinab Salama – Egypt
Walid Fathy – Egypt

Thanks for all:

The Symposium Supreme Committee:

H. E. Mr Farouk Hosny – Minister of Culture – Chairman

Mr Adam Henien – Comissar General

Mr Salah Marie – Set Designer, Film Director&professor of set design – Cinema Institute

Mr Nagy Farid – Sculptor- General Comissar Assistant

Mr Akram El- Magdoub – Consulting engineer

Mr Mohsen Shalan – Painter& Head of the National Center of Fine Arts

Arch. Mohamed Abu Se’da – Director of the Cultural Development Fund

Dr Tarek Waly – Consulting engineer

Dr Ahmed Setouhy – Artist& Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Alexandria University

Dr Sabry Mansour – Head of the Fine Art – Supreme Council of Culture

Mr Kamal Al Gweley – Head of the Egyption Plastic Arts Critics Association

2010. február 23., kedd

Closing ceremony

more pictures of the sculptures and videos coming soon :)

Behind the stage

Our friends from the Television, who decided to inform the World about us, crazy sculptors in Aswan 2010 :)
Thanks for all guys!